Investments to get extra source of income.

Have you ever thought of making your self some extra income? On the side? Like investing?

You are already a great escort. Providing entertaining services to your clients. And thank you for that.

But what about when business is slow? Like when there is a pandemic? And your clients are scarce? Not allowed to travel. What do you do then?

Remember that you still need to do the following:

  • send money home to feed your child or your parents
  • buy yourself some nice food
  • pay for the hotel, house or lodge you are staying at
  • travel to another area where it’s more busy
  • buy yourself clothes
  • spoil yourself

All these things need money. Do you agree?

So, do you have money put aside? Money that you have invested in the past months? No?

It’s OK. Let’s help you avoid this situation. In the future.

We will help you answer all these questions. And more.

What to do when business is slow?

When business is slow. You must take action. Bills still need to be paid.

Rent. Food. School fees. Transport. Drinks. Parties. And many more.

So what to do when there is no business? Or business is slow? Well, let’s see. You can do one of the following:

  1. Do nothing. Wait for business to pick up. Hopefully. Or,
  2. Make things happen. Yourself. Investments from your earned money. Every month. Or once per year. Your choice. Get at least 2X to 10X returns.

How can you get 2X returns on your investments?

That is a great question! 

Let’s say you start investing R1,000 now. To make it 2X your return, you will have R2,000 profit. So the total you have will be R3,000. After 12 months.

What we can tell you is that you will not get 2X returns from your bank. Not even 1X your money back.

To get 2X return on your money, you can do the following:

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I have questions.

Not a problem. Your questions are more than welcome. We will answer all your investing questions.

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I'm ready. How do I get Started today?

Cool. No problem.

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I want to join as an Escort SA.

We are glad you want to join our team. As an Escort SA.

We have:

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  • and more

Besides, all our escorts are investing on the side. On top of offering their wonderful escort services.

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