Epicure – Swingers Only Party on September 19

EPICURE has the pleasure of inviting to our exclusive Swingers Only Party on the 19th of September.

Enjoy the music, love the vibe, be unihibited…


George Sax


12:00 hours until you go home. If you misbehave, we will stay open longer.

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Escort Meaning

Many people ask what is an Escort Meaning.

We will try to explain this so it’s clear to everybody.

Escort Meaning means someone who gets paid for their time

Let’s get right to it and explain an Escort Meaning.

An escort is someone who is paid for their time. Their time can be any of the following:

  • Going out on a date.
  • Going on a social event. Like birthday parties, baby showers or a conference.
  • Going out on a week vacation.

Escort SA Service Meaning – She Gets Paid By The Hour

It’s true that most escorts get paid by the hour. Whether it’s Escorts in PE (Port Elizabeth), Escorts in Alberton or Escorts in Bramley, they all charge more or less in the same manner. But this can be negotiated with the escort to have the rates paid in different ways. You can treat as if she is your partner. Discuss with her. Most of the time the escort ladies are open to negotiations.

We are mostly focusing on Escort SA (Escorts in South Africa), but the escorts pretty much work the same anywhere around the globe. These include charging for:

  • half an hour (30 minutes)
  • an overnight stay
  • per event

Does an Escort charge for sex?

The short answer is Yes and No. An escort can charge for casual sex if that’s what the client wants. What the escort does in their own time is totally their business. It applies to SA Escort ladies and to international ladies too. It could be sex or just company.

Escort meaning does not always mean sleeping with someone else. Some of the clients of the escorts book escorts for time to discuss:

  • Their life problems. They just need someone who is a good listener to listen and comfort them.
  • Get a perspective from a woman’s point of view. Example, a man can be having relationship problems with his girlfriend and wants some tips from another female on how he can try to fix the breaking relationship.
  • And sure, some men can discuss their deepest fantasies with the escorts. Who knows? It doesn’t matter. An escort is more than happy to discuss their clients fantasies and charge for those. It might something that is not possible with their current lover. Mmm… But the escort is more than happy to fulfil that fantasy.

Is it the same as Prostitution?

It depends on who you ask. Note that in many countries prostitution is illegal.

Legally, an escort is used to describe the actions and services she does for a negotiated price. And this price is usually higher than a hooker or a street-walker or lady of ill morals.

And of course escorts can be men too. Escort Meaning can refer to a man or a woman! But I’m sure you knew that already, huh?

Some ladies also need company from men for whatever reasons they have. It can be to get away from gossiping lady friends. Yep, that is true ladies! It can be for cuddling. Or simply to have someone to talk to because she is going through some hard times at work and needs someone to give her advice.

Now that you have an idea of Escort Meaning. Where do you find one?

For your information, company or pleasure, we have Escorts in PE, in KZN (Kwazulu-Natal) and in Gauteng.

If you want to book an escort’s time for whatever reason you have, as long as it’s legal, you can go to this page.

So what do you think? What is your opinion about Escorts? Let us know…



Lockdown Passion Party on September 11

EPICURE has the pleasure of inviting to our exclusive Lockdown Passion Party on the 11th of September.

Enjoy the music, love the vibe, be unihibited…

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